Rita Stucke
trades a luscious tricolor rake bead

Joy, our Winter Wonders co-chair, helped us celebrate the end of Winter Wonders by handing out mojitos, and since I wasn't driving, I happily gulped it down, and then proceeded to amuse my fellow guild members and artists by dancing with joy over receiving this bead:

19x32mm. 1/16" mandrel.

And the reason she allowed me to choose this wonderful bead is because I showed her my variation on her shard beads, this hollow vessel decorated with Rita-Stucke style ultra-thin shards:

I failed to measure before trading, but I think it's roughly 35 and 45 mm long. Effetre, 2008.

I thought Rita might get a kick out of seeing this variation on her technique—and she did, so much she offered to trade. I wanted to lay my hands on one of Rita's own shard lentils for a long time, and on one of her tricolored coral/lime/purple raked lovelies for even longer, so it was a hard choice, but in the end, I went with the older style.

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