Ona Sostakas'
fabulous gravity swirl beads.

One of the treats of selling at Winter Wonders, this year, besides seeing so many friends and fellow beadmakers at Winter Wonders, was the opportunity to trade. I love trading beads so much that I actually manage to shed a lot of my shyness in suggesting it. Ona was one person who took my offer up.

Ona makes a variety of beads, and is particularly known for her fish, with their outrageously long fins and tails. But my favorites have always been her gravity swirl beads. To Ona, of course, these were just 4 quick color tests, but to me they are awesomely elegant beads. My fave is the yellow, which has a particularly beautifully shaped hole; I also liked the subtlety of the variations in the orange; lime is always going to appeal; and the crispness of the stripes in the grey is very nice.

4 gravity swirl beads. Assorted color tests (e.g. odd lots) on black Largest, 15x19mm. Acquired, 1nov08, at Winter Wonders.

I myself do make gravity swirl beads but not to this standard.