Kim Fields'
Beautiful Florals

This was sort of an unusual trade, in that we traded web services for beads (except I had such a hard time figuring out ‘FrontPage’ that the wizard had to do a lot of the work! This is not a program that makes what I'd consider particularly human-readable html.)

Kim's florals, on the other hand, are very pleasing to the eye indeed.

This very stylized floral is new, and definitely a signature style: I haven't seen anything like it by any other floral beadmaker. copyright 2005 Kim Fields*.

I wish, of course, that the same could be said of my photography. As usual, I've managed to photograph these beads with zillions of dust specks on them, not to mention that the angle on the tall floral isn't ideal; I need a different type of background to be able to shoot it ‘head on’ without a break in the background.

Morning glories. copyright 2005 Kim Fields. Soda lime glass, about 2” long.

To add to my compositional woes, I didn't really manage to do a very good job exposing the bead either. If the hole was more or less properly exposed the left side of the bead was black. So this image has been considerably gimped, though the colors remain reasonably accurate. (For those of you who care what I did to it, I used two color tools: the curves tool to darken the lightest areas, and lighten the darkest; naturally this washed out the color, so I added that intensity back in with the hue/saturation tool. This of course after some minor rotation to get the bead vertical, cropping for composition, and, after the color work was done, the usual scaling for web.)

file created 08sep05

*This is kind of an interesting situation. Kim retains the copyright on her design, so, legally, you may not recreate it without her permission. However, these particular beads and the images of them belong to me; therefore, you can reproduce the images if not the objects, though courtesy demands you credit the artist;)