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xmas bike ride
oh what fun it is...

This post is mostly an excuse to do a link dump in the intro (which you'll note I've done...) I don't talk much about my community, for privacy reasons, but I do love the fact that we have things like ‘dress up your bike in battery operated lights & do a xmas light tour through the town’.

xmas light bike. Yes, this is the sort of thing that makes me happy to be alive.

The wizard did this ride years ago, and kindly dug up his old lights, attached them to my bike & I was good to go. I kind of cheated with the photo, and draped the little led necklace over the handlebars to make a better photo. The lights in the background were donated by the next door neighbor, whose house is far more festive than ours:) —The ride was pretty well attended, with people decorating their bikes in a variety of ways. However, I think everyone thought the woman with the bell and light decorated xmas tree mounted to her rear rack had the best interpretation. The reindeer antlers on her partner's helmet were a nice touch, too.

Some things get better—LED xmas lights are one of them. I love how bright and rich the color of them is. I like that they can be programmed and turn wild colors. My thanks—to the gentlemen who surveyed the town and developed a route, to everyone who participated, and to all the folks who decorated their homes. Happy holidays, peace and love, good cheer, and kindness, especially to those for whom this can be a hard time, to all.