Pseudo "Steampunk" Cylinder
Or, my tastes just in certain predictable ways...

I made this bead because the textured copper sheet, which I rescued out of the class scrap box, interested me. I also took it as an opportunity to practice my riveting—there are five tube rivets (made with varying levels of success) on this piece. The top decoration is sterling, and was supposed to be fancy cut. It was while making this bead and others that I discovered I could really use a set of tiny needle files. The two balls of silver at each end of the bead are to cover up solder joins on the brass wraps, which are purely decorative elements.

approx 30x55mm. Forged, riveted, brazed of copper, brass, and sterling silver, gold leaf. 2007.

The piece has a steampunk feel to it because I like that look, and that was the direction it ended up going, but the other beads in the series, though textured, don't really have this look: I think the design of circles put on the metal by some other student sort of "directed" the piece that way, more or less accidentally. Certainly steampunk doesn't typically have random blotches of gold leaf scattered about, as this piece does.


bead, 2007. Photo, file, 04ma09.