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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Red and Black Pouch, Or
Using Beads to hide the Mess.

This started out life as a brother-in-law's shirt. I liked the bold, graphic patterns, and wondered if I could enhance them with embroidery. I'm sure it can be done, but it wasn't, very successfully, at least in this attempt.

Much as I like my coolpix 990, its strength doesn't lie in the accurarate depiction of blue tints in red, which makes the two hues of felt clash even worse than they do in reality. (And it's wretched with fuscia.) But there's no denying that the design simply never really jelled, and the asymmetrical flap doesn't work. So I hand embroidered a bunch of seed & bugle beads to help tie the whole together. Thus this piece took far and away more time than the others, though my spouse was no doubt happy to have company while washing dishes.

surface print cotton, felt, polyester and metallic threads, cotton yarn, glass and metal beads