September 24, 2005
Remembering Charlotte Marcotte

I've mentioned Charlotte Marcotte before—shortly after she was killed (02aug05 entry). Today, however, AABTS (which by the way has revamped their website—it looks really sharp) dedicated the ride to her. Last week I rode nearly 60 miles, so I figured I'd be good for 50 today (and I was, just barely.)

This was shot by the railroad tracks near the Dixboro road entrance to the Huron Parkway, which we take to (and from) the Wheeler Park start of the ride from our house.

I've not been posting much, mostly because I didn't really feel I had a good response to Katrina. (And nobody likes to come off a heartless cad, right?) I still don't have a good response, but at least I have a response.

None of my little doings have lessened the impact of Katrina in any significant way, and they certainly won't bring back Charlotte Marcotte. But the new england asters are entering their full glory; and so I dedicate this post, these pictures, to Ms. Marcotte, and all those who have suffered, and wish them hope for a better life.


These were all taken today, in cloudy weather, using a nikon coolpix 8400. File created 24sep05