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Ice on oak:
drippy frozen water.

Continuing on with the winter weather theme, since we're supposed to get 4–8" snow tomorrow evening, here's a picture I took in my front yard after the last big weather event, the ice storm that took out our electricity for over 4 days:

icicles on oak leaves f/1.9, ev 0, 1/198s, ISO 44, PP6, 23feb23:08:49:36; scaled

I planted this oak sapling 20 years ago, when we moved here, because we had immediately to remove 3 of the 6 maples that came with the house (& were likely planted when it was built; the trees and the house are roughly the same vintage, at least according to the arborist I consulted). Ironically enough, the day we moved the bulk of our possessions was right after the last big ice storm[1] : the sun absolutely glittered on the trees, and it was beautiful.[2]

This time, unfortunately, it was grey and cloudy, but that did make photographing the effects easier.

same image, in B&W. lots of image editing to soften the contrast of the trunk in the background.

[1]that I recall, anyway...

[2]I cannot imagine how someone in the deep woods, experiencing the same effect, would feel, though my eldest sibling cited just such an experience as the reason he put up with all discomforts of backpacking.