Pandemic Braid
pastel kongoh spans 3 years of the COVID pandemic

I warped up this disk so I'd have something to do during a brief trip to NYC in February of 2020: we were fortunate that it was still in the very early stages, as we took no precautions (& didn't catch COVID). —I almost didn't go, as it was a short visit for the amount of driving we had to do, but later was very glad, because it would be over two years before returning.

finished braid (not including 2.5" tassels) 37"; approx 3/16 (4.5mm) in diameter; photographed 29aug23 with a sony A7c/90mm macro 1/60s, f/7.1, ev -1.0, ISO 50, godox flash with (IIRC) about 1/2 power. Background cleaned up a bit, cropped & scaled to 4000 pixels in gimp.

But then as you can see from my notes on it, below, it sat for about 3 years before finally getting finished—not helped by misplacing the project until finally some tidying caused it to resurface.

hank of thread for quickie braid; 37" from 68" original is 54% yield; shot on lumix, 16jan2020,

  • 16jan20; cut and measured ends; created page stub;
  • 24feb20 warped disk & did half an inch or so on the way to NYC to visit Fran.
  • 03mar23 evidently finished braiding and tied off
  • 16mar23 unknotted the beginning, wrapped it, trimmed ends and brushed tassels
  • 29aug23 studio photograph
  • 06nov23 posted the page which took another 2.5 months, on and off, writing/editing the intro and explanatory notes.

I'm not a very speedy artist.

Nearly finished: 8mar23; 16 ends of #25 6 strand embroidery floss in pale yellows, creams, pinks & green, with a dusky rose accent; tied off with perl cotton

I said in the intro that I thought it would make a suitable hair tie for an anime character, as it seems to be about the same length and thickness as the one shown, and its colour scheme, at least to my eyes, would match what is supposedly ash-blonde hair.