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Black, White, Blue
braid in winter colours

I have no idea when I started this braid, but probably in or after 2019. (Actually, come to think I have no idea when I finished it either). It's one of several relatively recent, low stress (meaning, I didn't try to do an ombre fading in and out pattern) disk braids made with scrap embroidery floss. I did at least set it up to achieve the diamond pattern (which I failed utterly to do with the one currently in process...)

16 strand kongoh disk braid. Length (not including tassels) 38", or just under 1m. Photographed 12mar23, sony ILCE-7C, 90MM sony macro, f/7.1, EV 0, 1/160s, ISO 50, godox flash. Cropped and scaled, otherwise unaltered.

It's nice to have finally got it photographed, so I can store it with the others.


[kumihimo] [2023]