Studio notebook:
2020 – 2021

I evidently never got around to posting this doodle, so I'm making it the second in my series of splash pages of ‘new year’ break pages: of all the journals I make, this is the one I actually flip through and search for info the most, so big, showy callig delineating each year is really helpful.[1]

break page delineating year change in my (lampworking) studio notebook.[2] Roughly 6x9", microns on paper; photographed 02jan23 with the lumix. Cropped, sharpened, & lightened in gimp.

Thing is, I misplaced the notebook around the beginning of 2020 (my favourite year for graphic design, for obvious reasons) so I worked it into 2021’s page. As with the bunny shown last time I drew it in the company of friends, though while they were all playing a board game, rather than at a coffee shop.

[1]I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this particular notebook started in 2016 and still is not full. Siiiiiigh...

[2]Not sure where the stain came from—possibly a leak in the hood/roof, both of which were replaced in 2022:)