2022 splash page
with roses

Here is the third in a series of three “year” splash-page-sized separators in my (lampwork) studio notebook: yes, I actually finished 2023 before 2022, which was a pencil placeholder for...about 13 months. 2020 never really got done, and was folded into 2021.

19jan2023: 2022 studio notebook doodle in progress. Microns, graphite, on paper. Unified transform, cropping & (bad) colour adjustment

Not really clear when I finished up the drawing, though as I started a new sketchbook (after calling the other one this size done) around 12feb, it's possible I did the bulk of this art on or shortly before then.

almost done. Approx 6x9". Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100, f/1.7, ev +0.7, 1/80s, ISO 200. 2Mar23, approx 15:30: gimp unified transform, cropped.

Having realized I never got around to posting this year divider, and deciding it needed a touch more work, I doodled another...hour or so (with interruptions, I'm sure) and finally marked it complete, dated & photographed it 2mar23. —Despite there still being a lot of negative space along the left edge. Sometimes it's time to call something done, even if it isn't, quite.

f/1.7, ev +0.7, 1/100s, ISO 200. 15:54, or roughly 90 minutes later. Gimp rotate, crop

Well, at least I'm posting it on 2023-03-03,[1] which is sort of appropriate, hm?

[1]Well, sort of. The intro didn't get done till 3/6.