Spring Snowdrops
on the Vernal Equinox

As I mentioned last time there were only a few pages to go to finish up this journal, so while I watched youtube videos (specifically, one on prison abolishment by Abigail Thorn) I filled them up. Since snowdrops are pretty easy to draw, I loaded up a webpage featuring some and scribbled away.

brush and ink, microns on sketchbook page, approximately 5-3/8 x 6-7/8",

I was really pleasantly surprised that a) the ink didn't get into the waterbrush mechanism and b) how well the paper took the ink. The pale shading and light-coloured henna-style doodles along the right edge of the paper were to exhaust the ink in the brush mostly—then I fancied things up a bit with some micron over-drawing, and balanced out the visual weight of all that fiddily doodling with some dots, always fun to do, under the left petal.

Until my video ran out, of course. Then I was done;)