Beat this beet
fun with stripes

This little watercolour is not terribly exciting, but boy howdy did the ink watercolour[1] and paper work together to perfectly capture the stripes on the real thing, which, as it was from the local farmer's market, was not only cool looking but tasty as well.

Beet end and sketch thereof. Image is roughly 3x5", part of a handmade sketch page measuring roughly 5x10" /OnePlus/2021T/20211005T/IMG_20210911_142016adj.jpg

This sketchbook is made from offcuts from my friend Fran's final portfolio project, which means it may not be official watercolour paper, but it is incredibly thick, nice (& horrendously expensive) paper. Because it's offcuts, there are sometimes little designs, such as the magenta line.

Because of this connection it's one of my favourite sketchbooks.

[1]oof, that was a weird brain fart—there are reasons why I think I'm going senile...