Rejiquar with shamrocks
Happy St Patrick's Day

In 2001 my mother-in-law got a charming blank book with a red cardinal perched on white birch logs on the cover, a rustic jute book marker and quite attractive flecked paper.

pencil on flecked ivory paper, smooth finish, approximately 5-3/8 x 6-7/8", 15mar21; photographed 17mar21, with image editing for value & distortion.

She wrote only two pages—the start date of the journal, Feb 11, 2001 on the first, and what pretty obviously notes from a Weight Watchers meeting on the second. And then it sat until she died and it got passed onto me.[1]

Now it's two decades later, with the last time I drew in it (with 7-10 pages to go) in 2018. Time to use it up! So, along those lines here's a sketch of a rejiquar (the fantasy creature for which the site is named) and some shamrocks.

Happy St Patrick's Day. It's always been a personal fave.

[1]Rather morbidly, my first entry was details for attending my elder maternal aunt's funeral.