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Rock Iris
doodling during zoom meetings

I had back-to-back zoom meetings a week ago Friday and Saturday so I made this sketch based on a photograph I'd taken in the garden (see below) ganked from the internet;[1] but to the second (4 hour!)[2] meeting in particular I actually had to pay attention, so was only able to add very mentally undemanding background doodles to this drawing during that one.

watercolor, ink brush pen, gel pen, on a Japanese appointment diary page approximately 5.75 x 8.5". Completed 19mar2021; one plus cell phone camera, cropping & image adjustment in gimp

Here's the [sort of] image I [would have] used as reference:

one plus phone camera, cropping & color editing to get those PITA purples[3]

Iris are great fun, lending themselves to the same sort of graphic representation that gave us, say, fleur-de-lis, another floral symbol I love.

[1]eh, think it may have been inspired by rock iris coming up in the garden, but the actual reference had to have been an image search, cuz though my rock iris photo was taken before before I got around to documenting the drawing, nevertheless it was taken a week after the drawing was completed, i.e. dated

[2]We had intermissions, thank goodness...

[3]And I note, the folks on d-preview forum were doing much better post-processing back in 2008 than I can do now...