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Sunflower the 2nd,
part of a series of 4

Though I was pretty happy with the blooms in this piece, my attempts to depict the folded leaf (which on the real plant was somewhat tucked behind the blossoms) do not have the same elegance of execution—it's both over worked and un(der) convincing.

2nd in a series of watercolours on 9x12 paper folded into quarters to make a notecard painted on 07sep2020. /OnePlus/2020T/20200908T; gimp edits unified transform, crop & levels applied.

So as usual when confronted with this sort of dilemma, I gussied up the background in an effort to distract from the compositional problems and failure of technique. It's too bad, because I quite like the petals, especially the deep brown one in the lower right hand corner, which is not at all realistic, but nevertheless cool looking.

However, it's still a hand made card, and better, to my mind, than its commercial brethern.

This image, shot the same day (07sep20) around 2pm, I decided to substitute this picture of basically the same thing—a sunflower with dichro green sweat bee, my fave—because the bee in this version is in better focus. ISO 125, 1/366sec, f1.7, 12sep


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