2020 Inktober, day 2

Fran, during her visit to our area, was kind enough to provide with the Inktober list of prompts she was using as inspo, and the second was “wisp”. Wisp to my mind brought clouds in front of the moon, and of course, since Fran likes bunnies, the rabbit in the moon. So that's how I came up with this drawing.

C-100 (series) nib and bottled ink, microns on Japanese appointment diary. 8.25 x 5.5". Drawn not later than 9/11,[1] and photographed & edited 01oct2020.

The problem with dip pens is sometimes they blot, as you can see with that big splotch to the right of the figure's hocks. This is the same strategy I used to cope with this problem when I did a marathon 11-hour abstract doodle-drawing in college, just about exactly 40 years ago...it's not really any more convincing now than it was then;)

[1]Ofc the idea was originally to do one drawing a day, but how could we have known we'd have the kind of time on our hands that would make this so utterly practical without cheat codes, i.e., a list in advance?