Contrapoints' Catgirls
Want You to VOTE

Today's page was inspired by Contrapoints’ latest video, urging (in particular) leftist folks, as represented by her character Tabi-chan, to vote. (The teal deer version of her presentation is: look leftists, I know you're not excited about Biden, but politics is all about compromise, and leftists—as, say, represented by twitter—are a very, very *small* part of the progressive movement. Even so, the agenda has moved further left than it has in decades, and the alternative is bad. Really, really *bad*. Also, do you have a coherent plan beyond protest and/or smash? No? Well, then.)

In progress. All drawings made with Microns (& graphite underdrawing) on a Japanese appointment diary page, roughly 8.25 x 5.5"; Photographed with my phone. /OnePlus/2020T/20201126T/IMG_20201022_135606adj.jpg

Aaaand, here's the finished art. To be perfectly honest, I think the in-progress drawing looks better; it's not so overworked, and the contrast between the cross-hatched shading on the left contrasts nicely with the outlines on the right, emphasizing Tabi's black and white hairstyle (and views.) Also, I clearly need to watch a youtube video on colour correction[1]

Just before her ‘Vote’ video, Natalie Wynn did one on Justice, which was the inspiration for this earlier hybrid catgirl—this is a much sweeter personality than Tabi, but I gave her Tabi's trademark half and half hair[2]

in progress.

For this one, I do like the completed piece better—in fact, I like this piece overall better—though not at all Ms Wynn's features, at least Catgirl has a longer, narrower face, and I feel it better captures the elegance of Contrapoints’ presentation; it looks both more attractive and feline (even though cats have relatively rounder faces than humans, at least when they're facing forward.) -

Catgirl, after Natalie Wynn's assorted catgirl personae on her Contrapoints channel. /LumixDMC-LX100/2020LX100/20201026LX/P1160163adj.JPG

I though the more delicate line work conveyed ‘lace collar’ reasonably well.

[1]not helped by the fact that I swear this paper has a very slight green cast....

[2]which I've always thought was cool, back when I encountered it as part of Cruella de Vil's style—I swiped it for some paintings I did of my own characters waaaaaaay back in school, except they were blond and black.