Chameleon & Fungi
Hanging out with friends

This represents a happy memory from 2016, a drawing made while drinking coffee and hanging out with art friends. Given the subject matter, I'd suspect f2tE; given the coffee, Frances. (I know we were at a coffee shop because I have a picture of coffee, with one of those fancy fern designs next to the sketchbook;) It's also possible I started the animal at home, doing the easier-while-chatting fungi while hanging out.[1]

/S4/2016S4/20161130S4/20161013_120159adj.jpg noon, 1/33sec f2.2 13oct16

Since at the time I didn't have very good protocols for pulling images on my phone, they tended to pile up, and I seem to recall this one, from late July, serving as the ref for the animal.

/S4/2016S4/20160729S4/20160627_114005.jpg -1.0 ev, 1/17sec, f2.2 ISO400 27Jun2013

The mushrooms, though, were probably just from image searches.

[1]I'm going strictly by 4 year old memories here, I haven't any notes specific to the day.