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with opaque backgrounds...

Traditionally, I make floral pixie vase beads on a dark transparent glass, using hi-lite pixie dust to bring out the color. I seldom put pixie dust on opaque glass, because I don't like the look. But what would happen if I had roughly the appearance of the frit and powder backgrounds under pixie dust? —Rather than go to all the effort of making a frit and powder bead, I used stripey cane of mixed opaque and transparent glass to make a base bead, which I then rolled in green hi-lite (the newer one, that looks more green in powder form).

After I finished the bead, I concluded it was icky.

In the interest of truth in advertising, I've left the handi-tac showing. Getting my vase beads to stand independently is a relatively new goal for me. This bead is quite a bit smaller than the others shown, being only about 25–30 mm long.

After I got it out of the kiln, I decided it wasn't as awful as I'd thought originally (it's difficult to judge glass when it's 900 F plus, because a lot of the colors aren't really true, though they're closer to their room temperature appearance than 1300 deg glass).

So I guess I'll have to make some more. And case you're wondering was stripey cane is, well, it's just chunks of glass of melted together in a wodge, or colors striped onto a rod, or colors fused in a rod pod—there are many ways to make multi-colored cane. But that's a post for another day.

hollow mandrel wound bead made with Effetre, pixie dust, and trailed with complex cane. Created 03apr05.


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