On the 11th day of Xmas
my true love gave to me...COVID (beads)

Building on the covid beads I made for Patricia B, I recycled the design for xmas gift earrings, which I pass out to friends and family who a) wear earrings and b) might enjoy them.

assorted hollow xmas‘covid’ beads; one of the deeper luscious (slightly) translucent CiM reds on an inexpensive 02X grass green effetre variant. Manufactured between 15dec20–02jan21 (inclusive) ranging from 7–17mm, on assorted mandrels; Photographed 05jan21, image editing in gimp[1]

These are not, to put it bluntly, exquisitely manufactured, but, yanno. Covid. And I did get them done, on time to give to people for the holidays. I focused more on making decent quality base beads and striking the trailing to a nice deep red than being as careful as I could have with getting the dots evenly sized, spaced, or mashed.

On the other hand, I finally made a bunch of beads:)

a pair of covid earrings on niobium hooks; sterling findings. Manufactured 2020. This image has been cropped, but otherwise is out of the box w/r/t colour & exposure. The full-size version is certainly sharper, but the panasonic simply isn't the equal of my beloved oly 4/3 zuiko macro lens.

I made the earrings in an assortment of sizes, and decided, since I have so many xmas earring in what I think of my standard 14–15mm designer size, that I wanted smaller ones for myself. These are reasonably well matched for overall size but the dots are kinda wonky.

I actually like this picture better, but the styling of the hooks is a bit visually confusing.

No, I didn't swap the earrings between shots, I mirrored the image above, which wasn't entirely successful, because then the light showed up on the right. (Because we tend to read both text and images from top to bottom and left to right, it makes more sense to have a dark area in the lower right to act as a frame...but, I was testing out a new earring hanger, and frankly it still needs work. And like the beads themselves, I just wanna get this page done.

[1]I'm actually very proud of the image editing, because I was actually able to sorta kinda almost use the selection editor to amp up the green in the beads, but not the background; the photo was a little washed out, and, I thought, didn't show enough of the pale green.