4 Pressed Lentils
4 4th month...

The one on the upper left, which is actually testing some leftover star cane for florals, is my favourite, so of course it's the one that cracked.

4 1.25" pressed hollow floral lentils. Shards, frit, leaf and/or dichro, floral trailing. Most likely manufactured 26mar, 03ap and 05apr[1] ; photographed 14apr2020, lumix LX100

The others were made because I decided the original focal I'd chosen for a necklace in progress had (rats!) a crack in one of its shards, almost certainly from incompatibility issues. As it happens, none of these were really suitable either, so I ended up substituting something else I had lying around.

[1]pretty sure the upper left one was made first, and possibly the lower right one 2nd, which would make the other 2 on the 5th; but my studio notes aren't clear enough to tell for sure