Pink, blue, purple
candy coloured graduated dotties

Wow. As a way to avoid making new art, and also to tidy up the site a bit, I re-purposed this ancient (2010) intro, and getting it into the format I wanted must have taken about 20 tries. Ooof. Persistence for the win, I guess.

Nikon E8400, 1/60sec, f4.1, cropped, 10feb2009

The beads are from 2009, and obviously from the height of my dottie making capabilities.[1]

1/60sec, 4f.1...cropped.

These beads are fairly large for dotties, which I generally made closer to 12–13 mm, especially in later years. Although I did post what I thought was the strongest of the lot in 2007, these sat in the archives until I needed an excuse to use up old pages [2]

1/125sec, f2.9, cropped 10feb2009

I suspect part of the reason I never got around to posting these is the distracting, nylon-fabric hotspots/highlights from the lightbox I was using. I never did figure out how to get those to go away, so I just reverted to using panels and plexi: the large white plastic screwed to the wall & ceiling makes for more attractive highlights on shiny materials like glass.[3]

[1]IOW, they're old enough that the flaws, such as the mismatched dot sizes, no longer bother me so much.

[2]& I was also looking for something to put on the site because the projects I have going now are mostly large, and slow to make.

[3]This current setup replaces the 30x40 foamcore formerly screwed to the ceiling [that I would've used for the 2007 shots] and because it flows to the back of the setup, eliminates much of the distracting horizon line that caused me so many problems earlier on.