Flaming Winged Hearts
not just any winged hearts, but flaming winged hearts

I'm not precisely certain where the idea for this came from—Page collects various sorts of hearts, and of course flaming wheels, skulls, etc are fairly common cultural icons. It just seemed very obvious to combine the two, especially with ’my heart's aflame’ sorts of metaphors.

flaming winged hearts. Czech glass, may 2008. Largest is perhaps 70mm across.

Although these look like effetre, they're not; they're czech, made with that vintage garnet red. That's why I was able to manage one in that odd orange, which isn't a color available in the effetre palette. [1]

One good thing about this series to promote my beads for B&B: given that the beads are now hundreds of miles away, there's no way I can angst about my less-than-stellar photography—the orange bead is poorly styled, but it's just gonna hafta do. There must be hundreds of pix in my DigitalCamera directory like this—not horrendous, but not really right, either, that I've failed to use because I felt they weren't good enough. Deadlines really cut the agonizing.

file created 5jun08.

[1]And neither is the dark red, except as a sometimes-handpulled color, at least as far as I know...Bullseye has started making it for their line recently.