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Top Drill Hearts,
this time in Check Glass fuschia pink

The world being the way it is, I'd say neither the hearts in the first post of this series, (which were actually made second) nor today's really match up with the first batch, either in terms of shape, or color, or even photography.

Check glass fuschia top drill hearts. 24jan08, sodalime glass; 1/16” mandrels.

As is so often the case in art, or more particularly craft, you get a lovely serendipity, and then spend a lot of time figuring out how to recreate it consistantly. I don't think I struck these as well; they certainly suffer from nasty scum, and I don't like the dark spots at the top.

So to sum up: I like the bullseye version of the glass (#1232, if you'd like something more specific that "that hot magenta pink with a touch of fluorescence to it") but I need to practice making this shape.

But, life being what it is, I probably won't touch it again till this time next year.

file originally created 22jan; photo 22jan08; completed 29feb08


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