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Large holed samples in Blue
Or no, 1/16'' is not really that big a deal....

I had an enquiry about making beads with larger holes, for thicker cords. Actually this isn't the first; the last time, some poor shop owner asked me to make my standard dotties larger, to go over these chain bracelets that I gather are currently fashionably decorated with large-hole beads purchased separately. Sort of a do-it-yourself thing.

Well, I had a terrible time with them, and that was, uh, two years ago. So I wasn't looking forward to attempting this again, but I guess one's skills do slowly improve with time, because this batch seemed much easier than I remember.

Assorted styles of beads made on 3/32 and 1/8” mandrels. The 3/32 mandrels were coated thickly enough with release to effectively have 1/8” holes.

So what we have here, besides the specifically requested dichro solids are some other beads I thought would be fun for showing off a fancy cord, with approximate dimensions:

  • bicolored bubble – 12x15mm
  • double hollow – 20mm (outer)
  • plain bubbles – 10x13mm
  • dichro solids – 12x19mm

Bicolored beads are not in my standard product line but they're just beads with one half made in one color and the other half in a second color—in this case a medium transparent cobalt and clear colorless. All but the dichro solids are more or less my standard dimensions, and were made on 3/32” mandrels. The dichro solids were made on a 3/32 and 1/8” mandrel, though the inside hole is similar, and are significantly larger than the usual dichro solids, which I typically make on 1/16” mandrels, though with thicker coatings of bead release than hollows. As I typically do, I prewarm mandrels 1/8” or thicker in the kiln, which helps to prevent the bead release from cracking in the flame.

file created 12feb07