CurliQs in Colors
soft enough for spring

My efforts at making curliQs my partner likes have up to now more or less ended in failure: she generally found my color schemes too harsh more her tastes and ended up buying more black and white curliQs, which I personally considered a failure, than anything else.

These pastels, of course, I made on a whim, to use up some glass broken in a shipment. (My conversation with the shipper was kind of interesting: Them: Can you repair this stuff? Me: Well, um, sort of. I can heat the rods and stick them back together, but they'll be shocky and scummy at the joins, and too long to anneal very readily, and... Them: it sounds like it can't really be repaired. Me: Oh, I don't want to deceive you. It can certainly be salvaged, and I'm not gonna throw it out, it's just that it'll be harder to use, and take me longer to make the same bead, and there will be some beads I won't really want to make at all, because of the scum— Them: we'll just say it can't. You can still have the broken glass. Me: thank you very much. —The really embarressing part of this conversation is that it happened about a year ago, and I've hardly made a dent in all that glass I bought, and I bought somewhere between 20 and 40 pounds of this stuff...ah, the deadliness of sales.)

Mixed colors. Hollow bullseye, 2005, largest bead approximately 13mm

Actually I consider the assorted beads shown above to be the least successful, which is why there is only one each. Combinations I liked better got repeated:

pink and green —yeah, oh so yuppie, but I've always liked this color combination.


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