Bunny redux
well, they do multiply...

Rabbits have a reputation for increase, so it seems only fair the glass kind do, too. Actually, one of the downsides to getting old is that all that Easter sugar is hard on one's digestion, so I made these for grown-up “Easter” baskets.[1]

Bunnies are fun for me because I don't feel so bad about them being wonky. Stick on a proper tail and long ears, and pretty much everything else goes.

reflected some light from the front, which does show the colour a bit better, but I don't like the effect as well.

The blue bunny, make out of a variety of blue and green stringer scrap, was for my friend Page, who likes these jewel tones. The rest are a mix of butterscotch (or other opaque silver strike type colours) with some mixed black and white frit Fran left behind, er, 5 years ago? It's been a looooooooooong time since I worked boro!

[1]Or Eostre baskets. Or Spring Equinox baskets. Whatevs.