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Double Plaid
Ribbon and paper in black and red

Here we have the last in what I'm calling the 2022 cheapie snowflake series, gifts featuring plastic silver and/or black snowflake ornaments that I purchased in a bag for 50 cents. That was a really good buy! As with the other red and black gift, this one was wrapped for Fran, who likes this colour scheme, and (better) is unoffended by black in her holiday wrappings.

black flocked snowflake; silver flocked ornament; red silk rose; red mardi gras beads, wire edged, printed and curling ribbons; hot glue. Photographed 23dec22:14:32, sony ILCE-7C, sony 90mm macro lens, f/5.0, ev 0, 1/160s, ISO 50, manual flash; cropped

What made this gift particularly fun to do was the co-ordinating red and black plaid paper and ribbon, though I had to ‘outline’ the ribbon with silver snowflake wire-edged ribbons to keep one plaid from blending nearly invisibly into the other. (This effect can be fun, but it didn't look good, though it didn't occur to me to take a process photo.)

as above, different view.

Note that I put the obverse side of the silver ribbon face down, to hide the blue accents which I didn't want. They're still visible, but not annoyingly so. And I admit that while the gothy aspect of the dark red rose, black snowflake and silver accents don't quite gel with the plaids and gold highlights, I actually find the mismatch kind of amusing. Who cares? It's a gift, forgotten after a moment (but for these pix, of course;)


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