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Raindrops on Red Berries,
Or, the fall garden

This shrub produces white four? petaled flowers in the spring, and red berries in the fall. It's fast growing and for the most part annoying, but after a brief shower, the sun came back out, and this was pretty much it, since there isn't much blooming in the garden besides a few lonely mum blossoms, struggling here and there in the front yard, some fading hydrangea, and very sad looking joe pye weed—evidently that hard frost we had did it in.

1/60sec, f5, iso200, 0ev. zuiko 50mm macro prime, E620 body.

The above was written in 2011 (if the title didn't make it obvious) but said shrub is indeed currently displaying red berries. It's even raining as I write this:)


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