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Red Monarda
and its codependents

This shot of the garden, especially the monarda, is not that great. I'd hoped to show, however, in addition to the attraction it provides on its own merits that it has also, while I sat and typed on the deck, provided me an aerial show in miniature: hummingbirds. —There are at least two of them who consider my garden their territory, and occasionally they oblige with dog-fights.

Alas, I failed to capture a single instance (that I could detect, anyway).

Garden flowers, mid July.

Yet another excuse to get a better camera. In the meantime, we're having a very cool, wet summer, and I am enjoying hugely the lack of sweltering temperatures, and the need to water[1] , which is almost as nice as having lovely, iridescent fliers visit on a regular basis. (there has to be a nest nearby—they fly in and out multiple times an hour.) I've lots of bees, too; now I just need to figure out butterflies, I guess.

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[1]which is a good thing, since I've neglected the garden terribly this year—weeds four feet high, oh my...


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