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Purple is always good...

Last year I attempted to grow veronica—speedwell—from seed. This year I moved some of the plants out of the holding bed, thereby giving them more space. I still don't really have enough sun for these plants, but they have done reasonably well, and I appreciate the delicate, spiky form—a good contrast to the round shapes of the daisy like flowers that dominate my garden (cuz they're easy to grow) and the bold form of daylilies.

Our next door neighbor's beautiful elizabethan style brick house forms a backdrop. I wish I hadn't chopped off the flowers at the top of the frame, though. Ah well...

These pictures were taken 4th July, and as you see, early daylilies—the traditional orange ones, plus the large-petal pastels—pink and pale orange—are also in bloom.

The first shot was angled easterly; this one, westerly, towards my so elegant compost pile (which yes, until this fall was more or less in the middle of the yard.)


Taking advantage of my neighbor's wonderful rose garden.


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