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June garden
lots of purple

So, I had this page sitting at the top of my queue with a 2027 post date (to keep it there) for twelve years before the realization that I was never gonna actually use the page as a howto-index for bead & jewelry photography (not least because my only regular customer has, as of 2020, decided to do her own photography, which I honestly think is great:)

shot with a Nikon 8400 coolpix, 1/17s, f4.5. Cropped with gimp, 4jan2020

Time to re-purpose it, and my goal in such cases is to find something on or before the creation date.[1] In the past when I've done this, all the “good” pix have been used up, leaving me scratching my head or going waaaaaaay back. But this time, I lucked out.

Like the shot above, this is along the north edge of the bed, on the way from the house...nikon8400, 1/22sec, f4, exp bias -0.3, iso 50

Rejiquar Works’ pages are numbered sequentially, in order of creation, and this one was created on a beautiful June day in 2008. I know this because I went trawling back through my old photographic directories and found a bunch of garden pix taken on that date. What better, and chronologically appropriate, way to use up the old sequence?

to the shed. 1/69sec, f3, -0.3exp bias, iso50. Cropped, 04jan2020

It's fun for me to see how the garden has changed: these pictures were taken before the neighbor took out the jasmine shrubs that served both for privacy and as a backdrop; now, I have two redbuds growing in this much shadier bed instead. The smoke bush where the more northerly of these trees has come and gone. The stump by the garden has completely rotted away, and I've moved the rain garden, terminating with a small pond, to this (once upon a time) more sunny location: As time has gone on, the yard has gotten more shady, as the various saplings have grown.

Columbines! So beautiful and so very purple. 1/69sec, f3, -0.3exp

Much of my recent garden pix from this time of year have been of a spectacular peony garden nearby; even the images I do have tend to be of the front yard. Guess I've have to really think about how I'd like this space to work now. Yet another project for the new decade;)

[1]I used to lose pages all the time, but now they're automagically tagged with the ‘unfinished’ so I don't end up making a lot of unused or unfinished pages that completely disappear, because, as numerous people have told me, the indexing on this site leaves a lot to be desired.


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