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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
June garden: bicolored Iris
Stripes! Spots! Color Graduations!

I love pattern, and this wonderful flower has it all. As so many good things in my artistic life, it came from Page, whose father kindly shared his iris divisions with us. They were just getting going at the old house when I had to bring them here. I only seem to have one of these plants and I hope it continues to survive!

What particularly fascinated me—and what I wouldn't’ve discovered but for photographing the flower (thus getting up close and personal) was the fact the beard variegates from yellow to purple. Mmmm...

The handy dandy curves tool once again comes to my rescue, lightening up this image...note the color variagation in the spots on the falls, as well.

file originally created 09jun05. Flowers shot with coolpix8400, 2nd image lightly post-processed with gimp.