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2022 Hachidori too
Er, two.

Like the coneflowers and phlox in the previous[1] post but one[2] these shots of monarda aren't super exciting...but there's something else in the image that makes it just a bit special. Can you spot it? (You can click on the image for a full-resolution version to help you out, if you like.)

Red monarda. Sony ILCE-7C, tamron 70–180mm lens, 19July22, approx 9am; f/2.8, -0.7 ev, 180mm focal length, 1/200s, iso 400 WB: auto/daylight. Cropped & scaled.

Here's a crop:

100% crop from the above (before scaling.)

The last time I featured hummingbirds on this site was nearly a decade ago, in 2013, and the pix were pretty bad.[3] At the time, I didn't have a telephoto lens; now I do.

The garden has also gotten significantly more shady in the intervening (almost) decade, so I no longer have as many monarda, and therefore, as many hummingbirds. Hence, my delight in documenting the ones I do get.

[1]Completed, that is, not posted...

[2]which I made up mostly to get the intro page out into the world—once upon a time, the intros were to dress up the “real” pages. Now, I often make real pages on which to hang the intros. Whoops.

[3]This is why I spend absurd amounts on photographic equipment, so's I can send bunny pix to my glass daughter that aren't blurry blobs.


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