The Amaryllis 8
making up for lost time

I have two amaryllis bulbs in pots, and though they flowered the first year I had them, and sporadically after that, it wouldn't surprise me to discover they've not bloomed for the last decade or more.[1] But I can't bear to throw anything out, and the last couple of years I've been better about putting them on the deck and fertilizing them during summer. During the cold months, they sit, along with some other plants to which I don't pay a great deal of attention on a multi-tiered shelving unit that functions primarily as bedroom window screen.

Now one has rewarded me spectacularly for my patience, and I very nearly missed it:

Sony ILCE-7C, e.v. +0.3, 1/30, ISO 160, WB cloudy, lensbaby point focus (sweet 35); cropped

I first noticed it blooming mid-month and finally managed to photograph it on the 18th, by which time I'd discovered it had two stems; by this time, the earliest bloom had already collapsed.

sony ILCE-7C, f/4.5 e.v. +0.3, 90mm 1/100 s, ISO 250 sony 90mm macro lens, cropped, levels adjusted

Three days later, when I carefully counted the blooms on the second stem, I realized there two buds and two flowers; and that the first stem had indeed had 4, not 3, flowers. I guess I shall have to stay with this program of fertilizing and watering during the summer. I wonder how long it will be before it blooms again...? Perhaps the other will also flower again...?

[1]Come to think, I bet they were a gift from my mother-in-law, which really does mean I've owned them for 15 years. Or more....