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Phlox with Rain
so much rain...

N.b.: this page was created on 17Jul2021 and originally intended to be posted 28Jul2021...

Normally by mid July I'm into watering territory, because even my perennials struggle during my midwestern's state dry season, which is basically also the hottest two months of the year, July and August; particularly if I want them to bloom, they need to be watered, usually every other day.[1]

16july2021, about noon; sony 90 mm macro on sony ILCE-7C 125s, f/2.8, ev 0, ISO 100 cloudy white balance; rotated, cropped & scaled to 4000 pixels wide.

Not this year. We have had rain, rain and more rain, and the garden is loving it.[2] Clearly, I like taking pictures in rain, as four of the last five posts of flowers were wet with rain. The sony A7C is supposed to be weather sealed, and the macro lens at least resistant (ok, I checked, and I guess it is too). It's their top of the line full-frame macro, I figured it oughta be, so I out into the rain I went[3]

same as above. Phlox with rain. slight value adjustment, cropping, scaling to 4000 pixels.

I started with the daylilies, because my deepest red one had some open blooms, and what's more this cultivar doesn't melt (literally) in the rain; I wandered around shooting some of the other daylilies, even some water collecting in the central disk of an echinacea, but it wasn't till I looked over to the phlox that I really saw an image that evoked the beautiful, gentle quiet of the softly fallen rain and the grey, indefinite light.

I was really pretty happy with these, and, somewhat unusually for me, the composition is very symmetrical.

[1]With, I grant you, a few storms now and then. I don't live in a desert.

[2]So are the mosquitoes, which are ferocious. My neighbors, not so much: so many of them had flooded basements our county has qualified for flood assistance.

[3]As opposed to just shooting already-rained-upon flowers.


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