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May Day
with White Violets

Really, I should do a series on violets, I've shot a lot of different kinds in the last couple of weeks—white with purple, purple, light purple, white and purple, ivory, yellow...

A7c, tamron 70–180 (at 180), 1/200s, f5/6, ev 0, iso 250, daylight setting. cropped & scaled to 4000 pixels wide, otherwise out of the box. Click for full-size.

Of the four species that bloom in my yard, the palest violets, which are smaller, come up first, then the common blue-violet[1] vulgaris Viola sororia and white-with-purple[2] which are the biggest ones, & the kind most people think of as ‘violets’; then the small ivory or warm-whites shown here.

Farted around so long making this page my 90mm sony macro showed up, so here's how its bokeh looks like...f/2.8 1/100s, ev0, iso100 wb cloudy, cropped & scaled to 4000 pixels wide but otherwise as is—I liked the ‘whiskers’ on this one:) but so far am preferring the bokeh on the tamron.

I mostly messed about with the aperture until I got some good bokeh on the dew. Now that I've got pix of all the different kinds for this year, I suppose it's time to cut the lawn...

[1]& by the way, they come in a variety of purples, ranging from a redder true-violet, to assorted blues—think they shift as their pollination progresses, actually...

[2]Southern or ‘confederate’ violets are evidently a variant, btw


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