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By spring, we still occasionally have snow, but it generally doesn't stick, which I imagine is easier on the spring bulbs that are at obviously adapted to at least brief bouts of the white stuff.

cellphone, approx 28mar2020

So I made a point to quickly get out there and photograph these before all the snow melted. Besides the fugitive snow not being too hard on the flowers, it also provided entrancing water droplets.

This one is taken with the olympus E620/lensbaby at 1/1000sec; with, um, white balance set to cloudy? and an ev of 0.

The pictures take with the cell phone are of a clump in the front yard, and the ones by the olympus from the back. I have my next door neighbors to thank for this plethora of snowdrops: I had bought bulbs, but of the hundred or so I ordered, on a couple thrived. Now I have lots:)[1]

closeup of the first clump

After the snow melted, I made sketches, which I provide here as a lagniappe:

graphite, watercolour.

And fiddled, a bit, with attempting mucha-style borders:) The secret seems to be doing layouts with rules and compass.

graphite, microns.

[1]The purchased ones tend to bloom later, and be on taller, straighter stems, though that might just be because they've failed to form a clump.