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Fancy pink daylilies
get slightly fancier photographic styling

Your typical daylily shot shows the flower full on, and I've certainly featured this pink daylily with the raspberry throat[1] before, as in the traditional composition below.

07:30, 18jul20; 1/50sec, f1.7, ISO 160.

approx 13:44, 1/25 sec f1.7 ISO 2000(!)

But these are the shots that inspired me to make the page. All the pen and ink doodling I've been doing over the summer has actually had an impact on the way I photograph flowers, instead of just taking pictures to be ‘photo reference someday.’

21jul20, 08:17a f1.7 1/100 ISO 500 Slightly cropped.

As it happens, I really like the super curly effect of the species, so ironically enough, it's the photography, rather than the art, that profited from this realization.

21jul, 8:17a f1.7 1/100 ISO400

update 26oct20: found the tag while redoing the bed: these are Hemerocallis ‘stolen treasure’ —currently 4 robust fans, and 3–6 smaller ones.

[1]Which could be any number of cultivars, but if I bought it, then definitely an inexpensive one...


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