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Stargazer lily
with bonus pink daylily & swallowtail

Back in 2014, I purchased an end-of-season stargazer lily (along with 2 other perennials) for the princely sum of $10, or just over $3 a plant for quite a nice sized pot, from the nursery near my accountant, because I had some at the old house, and just loved them. Alas, though the plant itself thrived reasonably well, the buds would mostly shrivel and turn black; what flowers formed were misshapen. However, it's planted in poor soil, the heavy clay dug up when we redid our sewer line (though being front and center I was better about watering), so last fall I tried to amend the soil, which evidently helped.

Stargazer lily. 23jul, 1/320th, f2.1, around 7:30pm.

Took it three years to settle in, but this time I finally got flowers. One was slightly misshapen, but all the rest looked great.

Shot again 4 days later, on the 27th, around the same time, at f3.2 1/160th. Buried somewhere are the settings for WB, but I'm having a hard time (re)finding them...

update 5sep17: now that I have tags again[1] , I was going through adjacent directories, & discovered additional pictures of all three subjects, and so decided to split this page into three—the daylilies & swallowtail will be duly reappearing on their own pages shortly:)

[1]an early anniversary present to meeeeeee—thank you, wizard:)


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