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Fancy pink daylilies
finally starting to look good...

My memory tells me that I purchased these fancy daylilies the same time as the stargazer lilies showcased last time and the fact that they're planted next to each other supports that supposition; I evidently purchased these, as best as I can tell, in 2014; I do have some pix of flowers from 2016 but it's this year, after some fairly aggressive soil amendment (&, to be sure, plain ole fertilizing) that they've really done well.

There were actually two plants, which I divided when I removed them from the pot, and this one has a more dramatic eye and paler outer foliage.

Though I do strive to make attractive photos, the driving theme behind a good deal of my photography is reference shots for the art I hope someday to make (which at this point I have to admit is unlikely ever to happen, but I just keep collecting the images...aspiration and hope in action, I guess.)

Shot 23july2017, around 7:30pm.

This is kind of a fun composition: the sort of thing that would be perfect to use as a mucha-inspired composition.

classic shot of a pink daylily flower with eye and a bit of ruffling.

The picture below was originally part of the stargazer post and so I include it even though I don't think either the colour or composition is as successful as the others:

This picture was taken on 27th aug, with a slightly yellower cast to the WB. Honestly, it's probably more accurate, but I like the others better.

18jul20: swapped flora for daylily tag.


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