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2015 peony shots
fun with bees and dew and stuff

Originally I had planned to divide the frog and hoary puccoon off the moon shot from the camping page; but as I didn't, I had an extra page with a June create date to fill. So I hunted around and decided to feature some pix from my late spring garden:)

all from the SonyRX100/2015RX/20150521RX directory. Solomon's seal, -7/10EV, 1/400sec, f1.8, ‘cloudy’ color balance, shot 14may2015.

I liked the way the sunlight lit up the flowers in the center of the image. I actually prefer the variegated Solomon's seal, but there's no getting around the fact that species is much more robust.

nishiki tree peony, shot 18may, -3/10EV, f4, 1/40sec, ‘cloudy’ color balance.

I'm very fond of my striped tree peony, and chose this photo because I thought the folded petal along the left side of the image was interesting—reminded me of ribbons, actually.

21 may, -7/10eV, 1/1000sec, f2, ‘cloudy’ color balance.

If I weren't so darn lazy, I would've cropped the top edge of the image away, but even as is, I liked the composition and arrangement of dew at the base of the blossom.

21 may -7/10ev, 1/1000sec, f5, ‘cloudy’ color balance.

This one's for the wizard, who likes flower pictures with insects in them. I liked that the honeybee was actually in flight. And in focus, pretty much:)

21 may -7/10ev, 1/1000sec, f6.3, ‘cloudy’ color balance.

Just a nicely shaped peony that I thought would make a good reference for a painting, what with the subtle colour shadings in the petals. My friend Cindi B is fond of some earlier shots of white peonies I've featured on the site, so this image is partly for her:)


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