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White Tree Peony
So romanticly beautifull

I have three peony bushes, and though I adore stripes, this one is frankly the most beautiful. I've photographed it before, and people's responses to those pictures are why I keep on taking pix of its ephemeral loveliness.

All these pictures were taken fairly early in the morning, as the sun was cresting the trees. Occasional cloudiness softened the light.

olympus e620, lensbaby sweet 35

In the next three shots, the focus moves from the rear toward the front of the flower. It's unusual for me to choose a focus point behind the flower center (and it was no doubt accidental in this case) but given the touch of sun on that same region of the photo, I think it works.

olympus e620, lensbaby sweet 35

Although being near-sighted is a pain, I have no doubt it's influenced my art—certainly it's the reason I appreciate bokeh, because I actually see the world that way, without glasses.

olympus e620, lensbaby sweet 35

As much as I appreciate sharp focus throughout, there's no doubt that white peony blossoms readily lend themselves to this sort of soft-focus photography.

In this shot the focus is on the petal edge, rather than the stamens.

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