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3 spring bulbs
I got the blues...

Here are some garden pix shot over the past two weeks. Last (but one) week, lots and lots of rain; prior week, temps in the 70s, weak sunshine—glorious.

siberian squill. 24apr.

Things blooming during this period—earlier violets (the ivory white ones with no veins, the very pale purplish ones...); daffs; magnolias; crocus (which are in the iris family, oddly enough!)[1]

Chionodoxa luciliae –glory of the snow.[2]

Pretty sure both of these were shot with the zuiko—for one thing, that big deep hood I have on it protects the lens from rain! (My knees got very wet.)

grape hyacinth, Muscari botryoides/armeniacum[3] (lily family) . 4may. shot with the zuiko 50mm fixed macro

These always fool me at crocus time, because their leaves look so ratty. What is that, I wonder, and, should I yank it out? Nah, mebbe it will have pretty flowers...and a week later, it does:)

grape hyacinth 04may. shot with the lensbaby sweet35

Currently blooming, along with the hyacinth:

  • redbud
  • tulips
  • dandelions
  • (bradford pear)
  • common violet, southern violet
  • forsythia

[1]Because I've been doing “crocus” fantasy flowers forever, which most people call “iris” —closer than I realized!

[2]By shed/butterfly bush

[3]The latter self-seeds more.


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