Bad Art
on the way to better (practise makes perfect)

F2tE gave me a beautiful lime green sketchbook measuring just under 6x9 as a birthday gift 2021, and this is the first drawing I made in it, another of these flower-hair people.

graphite, disposable fountain pen, & microns (ink) on paper, 11feb23. shot with the lumix; rotated, unified transform, crop & value curve (upping the contrast) applied, 3mar23 & 11mar23 respectively.

It's not a very good drawing, so I didn't bother to finish it, and am presenting it as a fridayfugly (albeit a day late). I did a closeup to give a better idea of some of the fine detail. Bad art is to be expected when out of practise, and I've never found any way back to good art besides plowing through the bad.