Portraits while youtubing
also, transmisogyny, le sigh...

As I explained in the intro for this page, I made these sketches while listening to video essays. Both portraits were sketched (in graphite,) while watching the subjects speak: so, much easier than some portraiture, but just a bit more challenging than working from a single still.

unfinished portrait of Lindsey Ellis, made while listening to a video essay 08jul20. Grapite, black roller ball ink on a 1/3 scrap (3.5x8.5); photographed, cropped & adjusted in gimp 09jul20

Both were very engaging to draw, which is why I went to the second portrait (of Dennis) before adding the decorative elements of Ellis’.

Graphite (erased), black roller ball and red ballpoint ink on a 1/3 8.5x11" piece scrap paper, i.e. 3.75x8.5" Drawn 08jul, photographed 09jul lumix lx-100; cropped and adjusted in gimp.

Some day I'll have to finish that essay about Katherine Addison's take on Sherlock Holmes but I have to admit that I think Ms Dennis would make (on more than one level, actually)[1] a fabulous model for Crow. In the meantime, I failed to do properly Mucha-esque graphic curled hair ends for Dennis, not to mention badly drawn daylily blooms. And I smeared the slow-drying ball point ink all over her forehead while erasing the pencil. Tch, tch, tch.

Well, it's only a doodle after all. I do think, I'm very slowly improving.

[1]You have to read the book to understand this comment