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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Winnie-the-Pooh Xmas Stocking
In which Sylvus Tarn dips a toe into adapting an Other Artist's Work

This stocking has a couple of features that are new to my design process. I used metallic thread and and a sewing machine to embroider the name, and appliqued the large figure with machine satin stitch. Wanting a somewhat unusual color for the background (cream felt), which I purchased at Haberman's, hoping to get a somewhat better quality, I also (on impulse) bought a scrap of upholstery trim. I might have made the braid to match, but I'm pretty sure they co-ordinated just by coincidence. At any rate, I think the hand and machine made cords look pretty spiffy together.

This was the first time I used trim, rather than zigzag cut felt, to edge the stocking; it also is the first (and so far) only time I've placed a tassel by the hanging loop. Despite a goof (the missing sequin on the decorative line of red sequins on the name flap) there's a lot to like about the piece, which is rather surprising, as I was initially very dubious.