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Snowman Stocking
Harking back to the original

Well, snowmen are certainly traditional, as the oldest one in our family(I know about) features this subject:

felt, sequins, jingle bells. Photographed 2002. Probably made in the mid to late 1930s. It's held up pretty well for something 80 years old.

This one is probably made with genuine wool felt! Certainly it's much better quality fabric than one can typically get now. It's also considerably larger than the others. However, the idea for JDftY3’s stocking actually came from a snowman she and host sibs made:

We have some of those hairbands with antlers on them, which may have inspired these antlers.

Even consulting the photo ref, I didn't do a very good job on my snowperson anatomy: it's much more accurate in the original. Obviously, I haven't made any snowman for a long, long time, and so failed on the physics. JD probably told me her favorite color was yellow, hence the background choice. Not sure what inspired the the purple scarf, but it may have been a nod to the original.

felt, cord, jingle bells, machine applique and hand embroidered sequins. 2010. More of my extensive (and crappy) image editing, this time with levels. When oh when will I learn that feathering is a bad idea?